When Bey Sarr died a few years ago, Momar inherited all of his father’s clothes. He tidied out the closet – found a lot of classic items, pants and shirts, often sets, but also some bold statement pieces, like leather pants, leather vests, coats, linen suits etc. He gave a few things away but kept most of it for himself. It’s only recently that he began to wear them more daily. The series of images portrays how Momar’s style has been influenced by the loss of his father, and explores a deeper, personal meaning of fashion and the act of dressing up.

After his father passed, Momar tried to hide his emotions – he felt like he suddenly had to be the father figure in the family. He soon understood the importance of sharing and confronting his feelings. When his mind grew up, his style changed too. He remembers his dad as a stylish guy, always telling him how to dress, and himself pretending not to hear him. Now he always puts together outfits like his father, with great attention to details, from socks to belt to wristwatch, but always with his own little twist. It becomes a way to keep him close, still.

With his father’s voice engraved in his mind  and the wardrobe that used to belong to him his father, Momar is more confident, bold and outgoing.

Model: Momar Sarr
Styling: Tonje Nesset